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Custom Blend Cosmetics Certification & Advance Custom Blending


Motives Custom: Blend Your Beauty

  1. The Marketplace & our competitive edge
  2. Color Theory & blending
  • Overview of system
  1. Art of Communication
  2. Hands on Mixing

Leveraging tools & Action Plan

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Skincare & Advance Skincare

Skincare 1 to 1

  1. Understanding Skin
  2. Differentiating our brands

iii. Explanation of proper skincare steps & introduction to all options

  1. Conducting a Consultation & review of the S.O.A.P communication / documentation method
  2. How-To host an event

vi. Preview of all personal care products & building share of customer vii. Action Plan

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Motives 1 to 1

Motives 1 to 1

  1. Sneak peak of the new product launches as well as an overview of our entire product collection
  2. Station set-up for 1 on 1 Client Consultation & proper sanitation practices

iii. How-To Host an event

  1. Selling in systems
  2. Action plan

Marketing / Application Workshops

Motives Marketing

  1. Evaluation of the beauty industry
  2. Industry statistics & our unique positioning as a brand and company

iii. Speaking in Themes (learning to create positive gossip)

  1. Overview of various partnership options
  2. Leveraging tools
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Private One on One Makeup/Skincare/Hair Application Classes, Style Consultations, Product Knowledge and Recommendations.

Schedule a private one on one consultation to learn how to choose and apply your makeup like a pro, gain knowledge on the best skincare regimen to address all your skincare needs, and/or hair color and style recommendations to create the best version of you.