Emily Mahan


Makeup hacks can be super beneficial to those who have limited experience applying make-up or choosing the right products to compliment their skin type.

Below are 5 easy to do makeup hacks that will give you the knowledge you need to being forever fabulous.

1. Sexy starts with skincare baby! Be sure to cleanse, tone, and moisturize before apply any makeup. A clean yet effective skincare regimen system I’d recommend is Skintelligence Skincare System. Its a botanical base skincare line that is filled with all the goodies your skin needs to be radiant and nourished. What I really enjoy is it has no irritants so its perfect for ever skin type including sensitive skin. It balances the skins pH levels so it remains subtle and moisturized all day long. The toner comes in a spray bottle so its faster and easier to tone your skin without having to reach for a cotton ball I honestly think that’s why do many people don’t tone their skin before moisturizing. Here’s a quick but important fact: if you skip toning your skin, your pH levels won’t be balanced which won’t allow your skin to absorb any other products applied including serums nor moisturizer. That means your moisturizer will sit on top of your skin and your makeup will slip and slide right off your skin through out the day. Its so gentle, its the perfect system to introduce skincare to your children, adolescents and anyone with skin disorders. One of my colleagues shared how she introduced her children to their skincare regimen when she taught them to brush their own teeth every morning and night before bed. She also said her children never experienced skin disorders or acne as teens because they began their regimens so early in life. How cool is that?

2. Foundation and concealer are the building blocks to your look. When choosing a foundation, be sure to look at the tone of the product. Lots of people focus on the shade with regards to lightness and darkness but forget to match the tone. Humans all have red blood and blue or green veins. However, our skin vary in tones. People who originate from warmer climate tend to have more of a yellow/red undertone. Those who originate from more colder climates tend to have blue/neutral undertones. A quick way to determining your skins undertones is to look at your inner wrist. If you see green veins, your undertones tend to be yellow/red warm tone. If your veins appear blue, your skintone is cool tone. With that said, when choosing a foundation, hold the bottle up to the light to see what tone best matches yours. Same with concealer except You always want to choose a concealer 1 to 2 shades lighter then your actual skin tone. To avoid buying foundations for your makeup junk drawer, you can have your foundation custom made by 2bmecosmetics. There you can take a comprehensive foundation survey where they can determine your exact shade, tone, preferred texture, finish and add additives like skincare serums, sunscreens, plumpers, firming agents and much more. They also document your formulas for summer and winter skin, so your perfect foundation is a click away. Check them out! It’s super reasonable and you’ll never have to guess your perfect foundation again.

3. Eyebrows are everything. They can literally make or break a look. There’s a fine line to fabulous brows. First, let’s agree that everyone has their individual taste. Some like it subtle and simple, then there’s the look at me I’m fabulous glitter glam divas. I always suggest a happy medium. Here’s how: choose a eyebrow palette which consist of powder pots and a good strong wax to brush them puppies up to the heavens. My fav eyebrow palette is Motives Brow Essential Kit It has this amazing wax pot that you apply first, then create a line beneath the brow with the darkest brown pot , fill in the tail , arch and half of the body of the brow, lastly use the lighter brown shade to fill in the very front of the brow to create an ombré effect. Follow my Instagram page @pinkshampu for the tutorial for creating the perfect natural brow.

4. Hack number 4 is actually my everyday go-to product. Bronzer is such a versatile product it can literally create an entire look in a snap. It was originally created to bring depth to the face and some bronzers have shimmer to give you that sun kissed look. I personally use a matte bronzer call Hamptons Sociallite to contour my jawline, cheekbones and nose. It’s the perfect neutral tone pressed powder, with a lite buttery feel. You can use it as a eyeshadow in the crease on your lids to give you a quick finished look or as a transition color to enhance your desired eyeshadow color. I use my Miami Glow Bronzer as a blush for a natural glow because it has a soft shimmer to it. which ever way you use bronzer, it’s the perfect product to carry in your bag for quick t-ups. You never know who you’re going to run into in the Walmart.

Last but never the least of importance is a good Lippie. The market is super saturated with different variations of lip products for various uses. I’ve learn to curb my addiction of lippies by scaling it down to carrying 6 products that I interchange with each other. The 6 key lippies are a liquid lipstick in deep or bright red, brown, and pink for a pop look, usually worn in the evening or to a brunch event. The others 3 are nude in color but in matte pink tone, neutral tone gloss, and a coral tone velvet classic lipstick. This way if I’m at the gym I’ll apply the neutral gloss for moisture and honestly to bring some color to my pale gym face. I use the dark brown liquid lipstick to outline my lips. I usually smudge it in and add the neutral gloss on top for an everyday “not trying so hard”, put together look. I do the same with the bright pink liquid lipsticks and the neutral pink tone matte. It’s so pretty together. My favorite liquid lipsticks are by Motives Cosmetics because they are long lasting but does not feel dry, tight or flaking. They come in 12 gorgeous shades, long-lasting coverage in a matte finish, transfer and smear-resistant, glides on evenly and the Mineral-infused formula keeps my lips hydrated and smooth all day. A definite must try! Best part is you can try on all the shade virtually on the site to make sure you like the shade on you before you purchase. You can even try on colors you wouldn’t ordinarily wear in the privacy of your own home! Click on the link above and have fun with it.

Hope these hacks help you on your makeup discovery journey. Remember not to drive yourself crazy with application concerns, makeup is an art, there are no right or wrong ways to create. If you need help with choosing colors and products to address your specific needs and concerns, email me at PinkShampu@gmail.com I’ll be happy to help a Sista out. Besitos?