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Liquid Lux Foundation Event

Liquid Lux Foundation Event Deposit is where you submit your deposit to secure your seat at events where you and your friends can experience the creation of their very own customized foundation systems in an in-person event, or watch virtually online. Balance can be submitted at the event or before shipping.

Custom Blend Cosmetics Certification & Advance Custom Blending


Motives Custom: Blend Your Beauty

  1. The Marketplace & our competitive edge
  2. Color Theory & blending
  • Overview of system
  1. Art of Communication
  2. Hands on Mixing

Leveraging tools & Action Plan

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Skincare & Advance Skincare

Skincare 1 to 1

  1. Understanding Skin
  2. Differentiating our brands

iii. Explanation of proper skincare steps & introduction to all options

  1. Conducting a Consultation & review of the S.O.A.P communication / documentation method
  2. How-To host an event

vi. Preview of all personal care products & building share of customer vii. Action Plan

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Motives 1 to 1

Motives 1 to 1

  1. Sneak peak of the new product launches as well as an overview of our entire product collection
  2. Station set-up for 1 on 1 Client Consultation & proper sanitation practices

iii. How-To Host an event

  1. Selling in systems
  2. Action plan

Marketing / Application Workshops

Motives Marketing

  1. Evaluation of the beauty industry
  2. Industry statistics & our unique positioning as a brand and company

iii. Speaking in Themes (learning to create positive gossip)

  1. Overview of various partnership options
  2. Leveraging tools
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Private One on One Makeup/Skincare/Hair Application Classes, Style Consultations, Product Knowledge and Recommendations.

Schedule a private one on one consultation to learn how to choose and apply your makeup like a pro, gain knowledge on the best skincare regimen to address all your skincare needs, and/or hair color and style recommendations to create the best version of you.