Emily Mahan

Today I was challenged with a color correction to remove black box dye into a Golden Ginger.  We first had to evenly remove the black dye with @Joico #blonde Lightner and 40v developer.  She has her heart set on a bright yet light auburn with a money piece highlight halo to set it off.

Before her Golden Ginger Transformation

Thank the hair Gods for being with me and allowing her hair to lift the black out in one smooth application.  I didn’t have to go back in for spots. Whew!! Not to mention she has hair for days.

I first gave her mock layers  because she literally had one length hair and there was no sense in coloring all that hair to just cut it off.  I left all of her length and slices layers in to give her that long but wispy look. 

Starting from the end of her hair,  I went in with the Lightner, applying it directly to all the areas she had residual black dye. When it began to process into a honey brown,  I blended the Lightner an inch from the scalp.

We gave her some thin highlights to frame her face. Waited 35 minutes and rinsed it out when it reached a level 8  hen toned it in a soft copper gold tone semi permanent glaze, gave her a well needed cut, blow out, and gave her beach waves.

It was an great project,  after 36 years in the industry, your would think id have more confidence in my work. Check out her tiktok video at the bottom of this post!! The transformation was a success!! Check out the entire process on my YouTube channel. http://bit.ly/3kRirrD

My client made her own Tiktok of her before and after